Episode One in a New Messy Basement Series is ONLINE!

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EVGA Nu Audio Pro 7.1 Sound Card

日本高清视频中文无码EVGA Nu Audio Pro 7.1 Sound Card

日本高清视频中文无码If it’s been very quiet here at MTBS, we have a great excuse. We’ve been working on a special series of Neil’s Messy Basement episodes all about finding, enhancing, and enabling ways to make our entertainment experiences more immersive and enjoyable. One way is through product reviews like today’s review and user guide for the EVGA Nu Audio Pro 7.1 sound card, and others are through discoveries and hacks that make it possible for us to do more with what we have.

It’s going to be lots of fun!

Sound Blaster Text Guide is UP!

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New Sound Blaster X-Fi at CES 2018

New Sound Blaster X-Fi at CES 2018

Last week, we ran a special episode of Neil’s Messy Basement to reveal a discovery on how to connect Sound Blaster sound cards to digitally connected devices like HDMI 5.1 surround sound systems, Bluetooth headphones, and virtual reality headsets likes PC-based Oculus Rifts and HTC Vives.

日本高清视频中文无码? First, MTBS has been working with Alexandr Irza, author of Volume2, to enhance his software so the experience for VR gamers is even more seamless.? COMPLETE SUCCESS – he did amazing with this!? Second, the full guide has been made available in text form with easy to follow directions.

We really think this is going to be a strong enabler for superior immersive experiences for traditional and VR gamers alike.? Enjoy!

Stereoscopic 3D Forum Abilities Are Working Again!

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Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

It has taken awhile, but we finally got Meant to be Seen upgraded to the latest software versions and architectures.? Unfortunately, it has taken extra work to get some of the tried and true features of the site working again including the stereoscopic 3D functionality of the discussion forums.? Well…GOOD NEWS!? Services RESTORED! Read More

Welcome Back!

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Meant to be SeenTHIS took much longer than it should have.? It’s hard to believe that Meant to be Seen has been around for thirteen (13) years!? 13 sounded like a good age to give this place a much needed facelift.? Heck, more than a facelift, a gosh darned overhaul with the best plastic surgeons that money can buy!? Ah…dare to dream.

MTBS’ charm has always been to look like a 90’s website (no, we didn’t do that on purpose), so it’s time to bring it up a decade…maybe two – we’ll see. Read More

Mad Scientist

Important Heads-Up!

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Mad Scientist
Hello everyone!? First, I want to wish everyone the best of health during this Coronavirus pandemic.? Please do as the doctors say: stay home, wash your hands regularly, and practice social distancing.

Things slowed down the past month because I’ve been focused on TIFCA and other projects, and I’ve finally availed myself the time to do some much needed maintenance to the Meant to be Seen website.? I expect that parts of the site will go down and many things won’t work as normal for a bit.? I’m hoping the outage will be no longer than a few hours to a couple days at most.

We’ll talk again soon!