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USA Africa Dialogue Series - Honoring George Floyd, 34:Vuyisile Mini , “Beware,Verwoerd”


The song "Ndodemnyama we Verwoerd" (also known as "Beware, Verwoerd") was originally composed by Vuyisile Mini in the 1950s as an outward admonishment of apartheid. Mini was a seminal musician during this period, when apartheid was still new. He was part of the African National Congress, and many of his songs were in staunch opposition to the South African government. Because of his music, he was ultimately hanged – although, he sang some of his original songs on the way to the gallows. The song "Ndodemnyama we Verwoerd" was eventually more widely spread and made famous by Miriam Makeba.





USA Africa Dialogue Series - BANNED MUSIC, No. 36: May D, Ibadi

Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Backstory Behind Aisha Buhari’s Gunfight with Sabiu Yusuf

After consultations with Baba Kadiri this evening I am now forwardingan edited, sanitized and deodorized version of an earlier post that did notpass the moderator's language-sensitive litmus test. As I explained to BabaKadiri , it's not that our moderator has any holy cows who can randomly saywhat they like about us, insult us and other people whilst we are denied thesame privilege and the equal right to reply, even in kind, either in the nameof reason, or " freedom of speech". It's not a matter of they live in Trump's UnitedStates where they can claim First Amendment privileges whilst some of us wholive outside of the United States but in Swedenwhere we have a much longer history of freedom of speech, freedom of the pressetc, even if, maybe, we cannot / are not permitted ( by whom?)  to claim the same legal or freedom of speech statusin our USA-Africa forum currently lodged in cyberspace and supervised by our authoritarianmoderator, Chairman Falola. Like Mao.

 I have inestimable respectfor Baba Kadiri of great esteem and that's why I invited him to participate inthis forum and from my point of view he has been a godsend.  I also know hosts of professors of at least threegenerations here in Sweden and elsewhere, including male and female professorsof journalism, history, Literary studies, philosophy and every other subject inscience and the humanities including a few in political science and Islamology,epidemiology, virology, and immunology. But they are less important than theones who own banks, shipping lines, airplanes, factories, other big businessthat employ thousands of people in Asia….

We all have our various backgrounds, black-grounds, temperaments,propensities, passions, and, as things are ( the current situation) I feelmorally obliged to forward the clarifications contained in Baba Kadiri'sposting, failing which, Kperogi's malignant and pejorative inaccuracies wouldhave been being allowed to ( unwittingly ordeliberately)  go unchallenged. In thatcase, in my opinion,  his egregious inaccuracieswhich border on criminal liability would have only succeeded in doing greatharm to several people's reputations  against which they bear false witness, not leastof all Nigeria's first lady, AishaBuhari  who Kperogi has deliberatelyor inadvertently otherwise  accused ofattempted murder.

That's not right, and even Professor Moderator must admitthat when something isn't right, it's wrong.

 For example, it hasnow been verified that Lady Aisha's ADC was nowhere near the scene of thealleged shooting - he was far away from the scene of the alleged crime, the "attemptedmurder"

 My own humble positionabout the English Language  or even Swedish,about which some people make such big bones  is summarised here

"Ihope one day people will understand that English is just a language, not ameasure of intelligence", said Robert Mugabe.

It ( the language) is  a vehicle of thought (thinking) and in somecases is to be judged by the quality of thinking, more than the quality of  any tortuous or decorative verbosity – so I beganto admire GeorgHenrik Von Wright in the superlative when I read his autobiography that he taughthimself English by reading J M Keynes's Treatise on Probability) tostudy under C D Broad – and of course eventually, enough English to succeed Wittgensteinas Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge, after Wittgenstein passed on unto the Hereafter.

 Here's the somewhat editedversion of what Baba Kadiri posted a few days ago, still retaining much of theoriginal flavour and all of the logic:

There arethings happening in the government of President Muhammadu Buhari that call for interrogationby lovers of Nigeria which the government is democratically compelled to payattention to and to act on accordingly. It seems that unlike many lovers and well-wishersof Nigeria, Professor Farooq Kperogi's desire is to see the collapse of Nigeriawhile feeling secure, although falsely, in his faraway self-exiled country, theracially problematic USA.

As ifpermanently afflicted with political transmitted disease resulting in chronic half-truthsand virulent gliding, professor Kperogi is now used to making chickens out offeathers whenever he is discussing Nigeria's political affairs and worst of allhe demands that his readers should swallow all his mumbo jumbo craps withoutquestion.

On readingthe headline of Farooq's essay, "Backstory Behind Aisha Buhari's Gunfightwith Sabiu Yusuf", I am immediately reminded of the syndrome called AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by which the afflicted is characterisedamong other symptoms, impaired behaviour and language.

FarooqKperogi asserted, "Well, Aisha's attempt on the life of Sabi'u (sic)*Tunde* Yusuf, a 30-something-year-old former recharge card seller in Daura whois now the third most powerful Nigerian after Buhari and Mamman Daura, was aconsequence of her (Aisha Buhari) frustration at not being able to take overpower after Abba Kyari's death." The headline, Backstory Behind AishaBuhari's Gunfight with Sabiu, leaves no one in doubt that what Farooq wantshis readers to believe is that there was an exchange of gunfight between AishaBuhari and Sabiu Tunde Yusuf. If we are to believe such a malicious lie fromthe professor, the exchange of gunfight between Aisha and Sabiu was because ofthe attempt on the life of the latter by the former. If we ignore the disdainfor the person of Sabiu presented as a former recharge card seller in Daura bythe self-exiled Associate Professor, how can any sane person agree with FarooqKperogi that Sabiu Tunde Yusuf is the third most powerful Nigerian after Buhariand Mamman Daura?

The officialduties of Sabiu and Mamman are not recognised in the Constitution of Nigeriaand his position is not granted any immunity like the President and the VicePresident.  The power hierarchy inNigeria, according to the Constitution, is listed as follows:

President,Vice President (the Executive), Senate President and his deputy as well as theSpeaker of the House of Reps and his deputy (the Legislature) and the Chief Justice(the Judiciary).

From wheredo Mamman Daura and Sabiu Tunde Yusuf derive the number two and three status inNigeria's power hierarchy as being ascribed to them by Farooq?  A writer must pursue and honour truth andaccuracy, but those qualities seem to be non-existent in Professor FarooqKperogi's world because his mind on Nigeria's political affairs is never clearand his pen is never clean.


The incidentat the Presidential Villa which Farooq referred to as Aisha's attempt on thelife of Sabiu Tunde Yusuf or Aisha Buhari's gunfight with Saibu Yusuf occurredon Thursday night, 11 June 2020. What is now falsely presented as gunfight orattempt on the life of the Personal Assistant to the President, Sabiu Yusuf, bythe President's wife was not known to the public or reported in any media untilAisha Buhari in her twitter handle @aishabuhari on Friday night, 12 June 2020wrote to IGB Adamu thus,

"ThatCOVID-19 is real and still very much around in our nation is not in doubt.Consequently, I call on all relevant Government Agencies to enforce theQuarantine ACT signed by Mr. President and ensure no one is found violatingthis law and the NCDC guidelines ESPECIALLY ON INTERSTATE TRAVEL WITHOUT THENECESSARY EXCEMPTIONS FOR MOVEMENT OF ESSENTIALS. Anyone who does that shouldat the very least be made to UNDERGO A 14-DAY MANDATORY ISOLATION NO MATTER WHOTHE PERSON IS, NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW AND THE POLICE COMMAND will dowell to remember that.

"Finally,I call on the IGP to release my assigned Staff who are still in the custody ofthe Police in order to avoid putting their lives in danger or exposure toCOVID-19 while in their custody."

 Most media outlets in Nigeria reported thatthe cause of Aisha Buhari's twitter of 12 June 2020 was an incident at the Villaon Thursday, 11 2020, when Sabiu Yusuf returned to Abuja from Lagos where hemade a stop over to see his wife who had just delivered a baby boy just afterarriving from London on a business trip in the company of a well-known LagosState oil magnate. Aisha Buhari, accompanied by her three children, Zahra,Halima and Yusuf took a team of policemen led by her Aide-De-Camp (ADC), UsmanShugaba, to the residence of Buhari's Personal Assistant, Sabiu Yusuf, andcounselled him to go on self-isolation on account of COVID-19 since he hadtravelled to Lagos. Mr. Yusuf rebuffed his visitor's counsel to self-isolationand in the ensuing argument Sabiu pushed Zahra to the ground which causedAisha's security guard to wrestle down Mr. Sabiu Yusuf. There are conflictingversions of what happened next. Some reported that Sabiu Yusuf scaled the fenceto escape being forced by Aisha's ADC team from forcing him into 14 daysquarantine and during the process of scaling the fence Sabiu Yusuf was shot at.Others reported that the shots were fired in the air and not direct at Sabiu.One report said that Sabiu entered his vehicle and as he drove across the gate,there were about three gun-shots against his vehicle but he managed to escape.A Villa source said the gun-shots were aimed at deflating the tyres of thevehicle in which the escaping Sabiu Yusuf was driving. Nigeria is a verywonderful country where the President has signed Quarantine Act into law andthe government's agency, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has bannedinterstate travel, yet the Personal Assistant to the President, Sabiu Yusuf,could leave Abuja for London and Lagos and return to Abuja without going into14 days quarantine. Did the President know that his Personal Assistanttravelled to London and Lagos? The core issue here is not whether there weregunshots at Sabiu Yusuf or not but if he is above the law prohibitinginterstate travels and in breach, 14 days quarantine.

Normally,Buhari, the President, is not only the father of the Nation but father of hisown family. As the father of his own family, he is the first person to beconsulted by the wife whenever she senses any looming danger to the family orthe nation. The obvious violations of interstate travel ban and Quarantine Actbecause of COVID-19 by the Personal Assistant to the President, Sabiu Yusuf,ought to have been reported direct to the President by his wife, Aisha. WereBuhari not to be in the Villa in the evening of Thursday, 11 June 2020, thatcould have been the only legitimate reason for Aisha to by-pass Buhari and withthe aid of her security outfit to compel Sabiu Yusuf to obey 14 days quarantineafter violating interstate travel prohibition. The law of self-preservationpermits her to do that. Had there been gunshots that Thursday night at theVilla, could Buhari have escaped hearing it if he was at home?

When Aisha,accompanied by her three children and a team of Policemen led by her ADC, UsmanShugaba, arrived at Yusuf's residence, did they wear facemask as a precautionagainst being infected with probable COVID-19? How was it possible for Mr.Yusuf to scale the fence when surrounded by a team of armed policemen? And ifwe are to believe that Mr. Yusuf drove away in a car which Aisha's security menshot at, how did he escape from the security men to gain access to the car? Ifthe bullets were actually fired with the intention to harm or inhibit SabiuYusuf's escape from being forced into quarantine, how could the Policemen havemissed him at such a close range? Did the Policemen pursue Mr. Yusuf to theresidence of Mamman Daura? The law of self-preservation, for herself and herfamily, compelled Aisha Buhari to insist that the Personal Assistant to herhusband, Sabiu Tunde Yusuf, should commit himself into 14 days quarantine aslaid down by the NCDC, after violating the ban on interstate travel. Whatevermethod was deployed by Aisha Buhari to prevent Sabiu Tunde Yusuf from spreadingprobable COVID-19 in the Villa, after exposing himself to the risk of infectionmust be regarded as a National issue about the equality of all citizens beforethe law and not as a simple family feud which professor Farooq Kperogi ismaking it to be.

Sitting inover there in Atlanta, Farooq Kperogi has on so many occasions only imaginedwhat people in authority in Nigeria think, as if privy to what is going on intheir minds. Hear him: according to him:

EvenBefore Abba Kyari died on April 17, Aisha Buhari exploited the vacuum createdby his absence to exert some influence and "cleanse" (to use herdaughter's words) the Presidential Villa of the bureaucratic vestiges of AbbaKyari. She caused Jalal Arabi, Permanent Secretary of the State House andKyari's slavish underling, to be redeployed from the Villa. The same Farooq had told his readerson several occasions that Buhari is an obedient servant of the Almighty MammanDaura. Premised on that postulation, what Jalal Arabi could have done to averthis redeployment was to contact Mamman Daura who would have commanded Buhari toreverse Arabi's redeployment from the State Villa. However, the power to deployand transfer Permanent Secretaries in Nigeria belongs to the Federal CivilService Commission (FCSC). For Farooq's story to be credible, in this wise, hemust tell his readers who Aisha Buhari contacted at the FCSC to effect thetransfer of Jalal Arabi from the State House.

AfterKyari's death, she (Aisha Buhari) immediately got to work to get Buba Marwaappointed Chief of Staff to Buhari - Farooq Kperogi. How did Farooq get to know this fromAtlanta? The only person with the power to appoint and terminate, at will, aChief of Staff is President Muhammadu Buhari, the husband of Aisha. DidFarooq's informants tell him that Aisha Buhari had requested her husband toappoint Buba Marwa as Chief of Staff to replace late Abba Kyari? Farooq also statedcategorically that Babagana Kingibe wanted to replace Abba Kyari as Chief ofStaff but Mamman Daura did not feel comfortable with Kingibe in that position.What is the source of that information being presented as an eyewitness storyby Farooq? It was nothing short of gossip when Farooq wrote, "A closefriend to Aisha Buhari's media consultant told me that it was Aisha Buhari whocommissioned his (sic) consultant to reach out to the social media influencersto spread the story of Gambari's appointment. It didn't make sense to mebecause I knew she wanted Buba Marwa to succeed Abba Kyari." Why can'tFarooq tell readers the name of a close friend to Aisha Buhari's mediaconsultant who had told him the story if the close friend to Aisha is notinvented by Farooq? One can even ask, how Farooq could know from Atlanta, as heclaimed with certainty, that Aisha in Abuja wanted Buba Marwa to succeed AbbaKyari, when he, Farooq, is not a soothsayer?  The garrulous professor know-all wrote, "WhenI (Farooq Kperogi) read the emir's statement, I called an older friend of minewho is close to power brokers in the north and asked if he knew what washappening. He said some opinion leaders there (in the north) had called Gambarithat they read the emir's statement and asked him (Gambari) if he had beenformerly appointed. My friend reported Gambari to have told them (opinionleaders) that he had not been formerly informed … "

 What does any reader gain from aphrase-radical-middle-class-intellectual in Atlanta knowing a nameless oldfriend in Nigeria who is close to nameless power brokers in the North? Farooq'snameless older friend who he initially touted as being close to the powerbrokers in the north was in the next moment transformed by Farooq to a knowerof some opinion leaders who had called Gambari to know if he had been appointedas contained in the emir's statement. For a Nigerian whose medullae oblongata doesnot contain only the wrong matter, it is easy to discern that the namelessolder friend, who is close to nameless power brokers in the north, that endedup being some nameless opinion leaders are valueless invented stories aimed atboosting personal ego. Regrettably, Farooq Kperogi is like a crab and no matterhow one tries, one can never make him walk straight with his wishful connectionswith powerful people in Nigeria.

On Sat, 20 Jun 2020 at 12:07, Farooq A. Kperogi <farooqkperogi@gmail.com> wrote:

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Backstory Behind Aisha Buhari's Gunfight with Sabiu Yusuf

By Farooq A. Kperogi, Ph.D.
Twitter: @farooqkperogi

By now, most people have read the story of the scuffle that occurred between Mrs. Aisha Buhari, her children, and her security aides on one hand and Sabi'u "Tunde" Yusuf, son of Buhari's niece who also works as his private secretary, on the other hand, which caused Aisha's ADC to shoot at Sabiu inside the Presidential Villa, narrowly missing him.

Recall that I was the first to publicly publish the names of Muhammadu Buhari's close relatives working for him in the Presidential Villa, including Sabiu Yusuf. At the time I published the names, the regime activated its online troll factory to call my revelation "fake news."

Daily Trust even refused to publish a column by Sonala Olumhense that repurposed my revelations of Buhari's close relatives working in the Villa. Now most of the names are in the open, and official communications from the presidency mentions them.

Well, Aisha's attempt on the life of Sabi'u "Tunde" Yusuf, a 30-something-year-old former recharge card seller in Daura who is now the third most powerful Nigerian after Buhari and Mamman Daura was a consequence of her frustration at not being able to take over power after Abba Kyari's death.

Abba Kyari was the face of the cabal made up of Mamman Daura, Samaila Isa Funtua, Babagana Kingibe, and former DSS boss Lawal Musa Daura. Kyari was almost literally Buhari's babysitter, which, as you would expect, made him Aisha's sworn enemy, although Aisha got a heck of a lot of placatory concessions and favors from him.

When Abba Kyari contracted the coronavirus, Aisha and her children were ecstatic. The prospect of the cessation of Kyari's grip on Buhari gladdened them to no end. They were so thrilled at the thought of his death that they couldn't contain it.

For instance, on May 24, shortly after news of Abba Kyari's coronavirus infection became public knowledge, Zahra Buhari Indimi rejoiced on Instagram. "Earth is cleansing itself and it's [sic] inhabitants," she wrote. A few minutes later, she added: "Karma is the most patient gangster ever."

Several social media users— and even some traditional news organizations— noticed. PM News' headline was, "Zahra Buhari reacts to coronavirus after Abba Kyari tested positive." Others called it what it was: perverse mockery of Kyari for testing positive for the coronavirus.

Even before Abba Kyari died on April 17, Aisha Buhari exploited the vacuum created by his absence to exert some influence and "cleanse" (to use her daughter's words) the Presidential Villa of the bureaucratic vestiges of Abba Kyari. She caused Jalal Arabi, Permanent Secretary of the State House and Kyari's slavish underling, to be redeployed from the Villa.

In my April 18 social media intervention titled  "Abba Kyari's Death, End of a Surrogate Presidency, and the Coming Chaos"  in the immediate aftermath of Kyari's death, I told people to "Watch out for Aisha Buhari to assert herself more aggressively and to work to grab power in the fashion that Turai Yar'adua did."

She hasn't disappointed. After Kyari's death, she immediately got to work to get Buba Marwa appointed Chief of Staff to Buhari. Had that happened, she would have effectively taken over as president. Mamman Daura on whom Buhari has been emotionally and intellectually dependent for decades would never countenance that.

Babagana Kingibe, a member of the cabal who wanted to replace Abba Kyari as Buhari's Chief of Staff, is a notoriously treacherous wretch with whom Mamman Daura was uncomfortable. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari emerged almost fortuitously as a compromise.

But Aisha Buhari was more enthusiastic about Gambari than Mamman Daura was. Gambari's candidacy was almost entirely pushed by Maiduguri multibillionaire Muhammadu Indimi whose son is married to Aisha's daughter, Zahra, who celebrated Abba Kyari's coronavirus infection.

Of course, Gambari is known to Buhari. Apart from serving as his minister of external affairs when he was a military dictator in the 1980s, possibly on the recommendation of Tunde Idiagbon with whom Gambari shared Ilorin identity, Gambari was drafted to speak to presidents and international bodies to lend legitimacy and credibility to Buhari in the aftermath of his in-your-face electoral heist in 2019.

Nonetheless, had Indimi not pleaded with Buhari to consider Gambari for the Chief of Staff position, he wouldn't have stood a chance. It turned out, however, that Buhari and, most importantly, Mamman Daura had not yet been totally sold on the Gambari candidacy when news of his appointment littered social media.

A close friend to Aisha Buhari's media consultant told me that it was Aisha Buhari who commissioned his consultant to reach out to social media influencers to spread the story of Gambari's appointment. At the time I learned of this, it didn't make sense to me because I knew she wanted Buba Marwa to succeed Abba Kyari.

Then, in an unusual move, the emir of Ilorin issued a public statement thanking Buhari for appointing Ibrahim Gambari, his uncle, as Chief of Staff to the President even though Gambari had not formally been announced by the presidency as Buhari's Chief of Staff.

When I read the emir's statement, I called an older friend of mine who is close to power brokers in the north and asked if he knew what was happening. He said some opinion leaders there had called Gambari after they read the emir's statement and asked him if he had been formally appointed.

My friend reported Gambari to have told them that he had not been formally informed that he had been appointed Chief of Staff. I was confused. Exactly three hours later, my friend called back to say Gambari had just spoken with one of the leaders and said he had just then received word from the Villa that he had been appointed Chief of Staff to Buhari.

Apparently, realizing that her candidate wouldn't make the cut—and in order to forestall the possibility of Mamman Daura imposing a candidate on her husband— Aisha decided to compel Buhari into appointing her father-in-law's candidate through artful social media manipulation.

I don't know if she coordinated with the emir of Ilorin, but at the time the emir thanked Buhari for appointing his uncle, Buhari and Mamman Daura had not made up their minds on whom they wanted to be Buhari's Chief of Staff.

So Buhari and Daura were dealing with three simultaneous pressures: social media chatter that Gambari had been appointed Chief of Staff when he hadn't, the emir of Ilorin's letter of gratitude for an appointment that had not been made, and Muhammadu Indimi's push on behalf of Gambari. It was too much to resist, so they caved in at the last minute.

Why is this background important to the Aso Rock gunfight? Well, it's because Daura, having been beaten by Aisha in the choice of Gambari, decided to make Sabiu "Tunde" Yusuf, the son of his sister, the real Chief of Staff and a bulwark against Aisha's encroachment into Buhari's politics and policies.

As I noted in my May 30, 2020 column titled, "Gambari: Embrace and Alienation of an Outsider on the Inside," "unlike Abba Kyari who had a direct access to Buhari and whom Buhari said all ministers should meet if they wanted anything from him, Gambari has an intermediary between him and Buhari. And it isn't just any intermediary; the intermediary is Buhari's blood relative whom my November 23, 2019 column titled 'Government of Buhari's Family, By His Family, and For His Family' exposed."

In other words, Gambari has turned out to be not the Abba Kyari replacement Aisha had hoped he would be. Instead, Sabi'u "Tunde" Yusuf, her nemesis' nephew, is the new Abba Kyari. Since the "Earth" hasn't "cleansed" itself of the man like it did with Abba Kyari, she and her children wanted to do it themselves.


Sabi'u's refusal to self-quarantine after potentially exposing himself to the coronavirus is, of course, a legitimate reason for Aisha Buhari to be antsy, but naked power grab is the real motive force for the animus against him.

Farooq A. Kperogi, Ph.D.
School of Communication & Media
Social Science Building 
Room 5092 MD 2207
402 Bartow Avenue
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA 30144
Cell: (+1) 404-573-9697
Personal website: www.farooqkperogi.com
Twitter: @farooqkperogi
Nigeria's Digital Diaspora: Citizen Media, Democracy, and Participation

"The nice thing about pessimism is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised." G. F. Will

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