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Web Design

樱桃直播Leave the boring, same as everyone else, template websites behind. These handcrafted, fully responsive websites are custom built using WordPress and hosted on highly optimized Google Cloud Platform servers.


樱桃直播Aerial videography and photography is a fantastic way to showcase your project, home, event, or community. Very few forms of media can match the sense of perspective and dynamic feeling of a flying camera.

Thing Lab

If you can dream it, I can build it. From simple, customized items for your customers and clients, to completely custom builds for your office, workspace, custom home or even a new product you are prototyping.

Learn more about Thing Lab and what we do, and how to get started at https://thinglaboratory.com/.



I started woodworking at a very young age with my Father and never stopped.

I still see it as my primary method of construction and have a deep appreciation for fine woodworking, jointery, and wooden mechanisms.

3D Printing

There’s nothing quite like designing something in a computer, hitting print, and having a material object in a few hours.

I’ve built several printers and use them to build more machines, create custom parts for projects, and for small production runs of plastic parts.

Laser Cutter and CNC

Endmills, chips, lasers, oh my!

Subtractive manufacturing is great for creating something from a multitude of materials. The repeatability and accuracy of computer controlled cutters is invaluable in creating intricate, beautiful, and complex objects.


Restoring old tools is a small passion project of mine. I love the idea of a shop full of century-old equipment still functioning perfectly and making things for the next century to come.

I built my first forge when I was 14 and taught myself blacksmithing shortly after. More recently I have been able to acquire a welder and continue to expand my metalworking skill set as fast as I can.


I am an FAA Certified Senior Parachute Rigger with extensive experience designing and fabricating textile products.

I’ve designed several ram-air parachutes and wings, some of which are in use today, as well as a multitude of other outdoor gear products.


As true a “hobby” as I’ve ever had. Handmade electronics are something I’ve always had a particular passion and affinity for.

I enjoy making and programming my own circuits to do all sorts of things like automating things around the house and workshop, and repairing everything I can.



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My name is Chris Loidolt.

I like learning and creating. I strongly believe the world needs more of that.

Born and raised in Colorado, I now live in Broomfield and enjoy taking advantage of what this beautiful place has to offer. I have been building, drawing, designing, carving, modeling, programming, soldering, sewing, capturing, and flying for as long as I can remember.

My personality can be best defined by my level of creativity and quality in work. Speak softly and carry an impressive portfolio.